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When did hormone replacement therapy start?

Written by Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Specialist: Gabriella Sanchez - February 12, 2023

When Did Hormone Replacement Therapy Start?

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a medical treatment used to supplement natural hormones in the body. It can help relieve symptoms of menopause, andropause, or any other hormone-related conditions. Although there is evidence of primitive forms of hormone replacement therapy being used as far back as ancient Greece and China, modern HRT treatments have only become available in the last few decades.

The concept of hormonal imbalance has been understood since the 19th century, when scientific observations started to be made about how hormones contribute to health and wellbeing. By the mid-20th century, it was becoming increasingly clear that doctors could manage symptoms of imbalances with hormone therapy.

In 1967, two scientists – Bob Lobo and Sam Fentress – demonstrated that estrogen could restore fertility in women who had experienced menopause. This breakthrough allowed doctors to start effectively treating symptoms such as night sweats and hot flashes by replenishing the body's supply of hormones with food supplements and drugs made from plant or animal sources.

Not long after this discovery, many companies developed their own synthetic hormones which were more reliable than natural sources for HRT purposes. These products became increasingly popular until by 1992 the first "bioidentical" hormones – ones which closely resembled naturally occurring molecules in structure – began to appear on the market.

With further advancements over time, combined hormonal therapies became available by 2001. This form of hormone treatment combined both estrogen and progestin into one product, making symptom relief much easier for patients who required both types at once. In 2012, the FDA approved a new type of estrogen delivery device called Axiron® which provided another option for those on hormone replacement therapy treatments without pills or injections needed.

Nowadays there are many safe options for hormone replacement therapies available with clinical professionals often prescribing BioTE® pellets as an ideal solution for lasting relief of symptoms caused by hormone imbalances in both men and women alike! Further advancements such as these make it easier than ever before to enjoy balanced health through modern HRT treatments - something we here at BHRT Pro Center specialize in! Come visit us today - we can help you get on a road to healthier living in no time!

Bulleted List: Benefits Of Hormone Replacement Therapy:

  • Reduced risk from diseases like cardiovascular disease & osteoporosis
  • Improved sleep & mood stability
  • Enhanced physical strength & stamina
  • Greater libido & sexual performance
  • Improved mental clarity & better concentration

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