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Is there an age limit for taking bioidentical hormones?

Written by Benjamin Lee - Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Consultant - February 15, 2023

Is There an Age Limit for Taking Bioidentical Hormones?

Yes, there is an age limit when it comes to taking bioidentical hormones. Generally, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is recommended for menopausal women between the ages of 40 and 60. While there are some exceptions, this age range is generally considered the safe range for using bioidentical hormones.

While bio-identical hormones have many advantages over conventional hormone treatments, including fewer side effects and better results, they may not be suitable for everyone. It's important to talk to a qualified doctor before taking any hormone supplement as they can provide individualized advice on your specific needs.

  • One key factor in determining whether you're within the recommended age range for taking bio-identical hormones is your existing health status. The risks associated with taking hormones increase with age and underlying health conditions such as diabetes or heart disease may make treatment less suitable.
  • Another factor that should be taken into account when considering bio-identical hormones is how long since menopause began. If more than 10 years have passed since your last period then testosterone levels can be too low for successful treatment with bio-identicals; other tests are also necessary to ensure proper dosages are given.
  • Hormone balance can also vary depending on lifestyle choices such as diet and exercise; therefore it's important to ensure these areas are assessed by your doctor when deciding on the best option for you.
  • Finally, if you have certain types of cancer then it's very important to speak with a specialist before starting any form of hormonal supplementation as there may be contraindications which could worsen the condition or cause further issues down the line.

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