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Can you get bioidentical HRT on the NHS?

Written by Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Specialist: Gabriella Sanchez - February 23, 2023

Can You Get Bioidentical HRT on the NHS?

Yes – bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is available on the NHS, but it's not always easy to access. It depends on whether your local health authority will fund it, and there are several other factors that can influence a decision.

Bioidentical hormones are tailor-made treatments, prescribed for individual patients based on their specific health needs. The main differences between bioidentical and synthetic hormones are that the former are derived from plant sources and contain hormones that more closely resemble those found naturally in the body. The latter are typically made from animal or chemical sources, and their molecules do not always match our own natural ones as closely.

Some doctors believe that this makes bioidenticals safer and more effective as hormone treatments than synthetics–and research does suggest that bioidenticals may be associated with fewer side effects than traditional hormone therapies. This has led some to argue for wider access to these tailored treatments through the NHS.

However, there is currently no clear evidence to support this argument, so getting treatment funded by the NHS can still be tricky – especially as bioidenticals are considerably more expensive than synthetic HRTs. That said, they may be available if conventional hormone therapies have been tried unsuccessfully first and/or you have an existing medical condition which makes them particularly appropriate options for you. In such cases your local healthcare trust may be willing to fund your treatment if you meet certain criteria.

If you're considering bioidentical hormone therapy, it's worth speaking to your GP or gynaecologist about what options might be available through your local NHS trust – even if funding isn't immediately forthcoming. With appropriate evidence of need and a persuasive case put forward by yourself or a healthcare professional on your behalf, it could be possible for you to get treatment funded through the NHS system after all.

At BHRT Pro Center Hormone Replacement Clinic we offer personalized advice about how to manage menopausal symptoms safely and effectively using bioidentical hormones where appropriate – either via private prescription from private practitioners or in conjunction with NHS services wherever possible. Our experienced clinicians provide high quality care tailored precisely to each individual's needs in order to ensure their safety and wellbeing at all times.*

  • Accessing tailored medications through the NHS can sometimes be difficult; however there is still hope if you meet certain criteria set out by individual trusts
  • Bioidenticals have been shown in some research studies to have fewer side effects than traditional treatments; however it’s unclear whether they offer any greater benefit overall when compared against synthetic alternatives
  • At BHRT Pro Center we provide high-quality care recommendations tailored precisely to each individual's needs
  • Our team of experienced clinicians offers personalized advice about managing menopausal symptoms effectively using bioidenticals whenever possible

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