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Can You Have Hot Flashes 20 Years After Menopause?

Written by Benjamin Lee - Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Consultant - February 20, 2023

The answer is, yes. Hot flashes are a common symptom of menopause and can occur any time during a woman's post-menopausal years. While it may be more likely to experience hot flashes close to the time when you stopped having periods, they can happen much later after menopause - even as late as 20 years!

In fact, some women have hot flashes that last for several years after their periods have stopped. The duration of the hot flashes varies from person to person, but any experience with them 20 years post-menopause is perfectly normal and healthy!

What Causes Hot Flashes?

Hot flashes are caused by an imbalance in hormones typically associated with menopause. During this stage in a woman’s life, her body produces less estrogen, which helps regulate her reproductive system and plays a key role in regulating her body temperature. When she enters menopause, sometimes her body does not produce enough estrogen to keep her at the same temperature as before and so she experiences sudden moments of intense heat and redness on the chest and face - these are known as hot flashes.

How Are Hot Flashes Treated?

Hot flashes can be treated both naturally or medically depending on how severe the symptoms are for each individual person. Here are some tips for managing hot flashes:

  • Wear layers of clothing – This will help you adjust your temperature easier if you start feeling like you are getting too hot.
  • Stay cool – Keep your home air-conditioned or open windows during summertime to let fresh air flow through your house/apartment/room more often. Keep fans around that you can use when needed.
  • Get regular aerobic exercise – Exercise has been found to reduce the frequency of hot flashes in some women; it also helps improve overall health which can boost energy levels during menopause transition.
  • Consume soy products – Soy products contain plant estrogens which may help balance out hormone levels in menopausal women who experience hot flush episodes. Speak with your doctor before trying this natural remedy as it may interact with other medications or supplements you take regularly.

If self-care isn't helping your manage your symptoms, BHRT Pro Center offers advanced treatment options for relief from uncomfortable side effects of menopause including hot flushes! Their clinic specializes in customized therapy plans designed specifically for each patient's needs and lifestyle preferences -- so book an appointment today and get back to feeling like yourself again!

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