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Is Generic Estradiol Bioidentical?

Written by Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Specialist: Gabriella Sanchez - February 11, 2023

Generic estradiol is a synthetic version of the naturally occurring hormone called estradiol. It's the same kind of hormone found in the bodies of both men and women, although women tend to have higher levels than their male counterparts. It plays a key role in sexual development, mood regulation, and fertility. In many cases, generic estradiol can be substituted for its bioidentical counterpart with few ill effects.

Bioidenticals are hormones that are created from plant-based sources to be an exact replica of the body's natural hormones. These substances are designed to mimic human hormones as closely as possible, providing similar therapeutic effects without the risk of side effects from traditional synthetic medications.

Generic estradiol is chemically produced using artificial ingredients and is not developed from natural sources like bioidentical hormones are. For this reason, it does not qualify as a bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (HRT). That said, generic estradiol does still provide many of the same benefits as HRT with bioidenticals because it contains a similar makeup of active estrogen ingredients.

Benefits Of Generic Estradiol

  • Increases libido
  • Improves brain functioning
  • Enhances emotional wellbeing
  • Regulates menstruation frequency/flow

Generic estradiol offers many of the same benefits associated with HRT treatments using bioidentical hormones but has a lower cost and much more consistent potency levels than those derived from plant-based sources. Moreover, there have been some studies which suggest that generic estradiol may even be stronger than some forms of bio identicals when it comes to controlling hot flashes or improving bone density among postmenopausal women.

While generic estradiol may offer more affordability and consistency compared to its bioidentical counterpart, there is also evidence that suggests that taking synthetic hormones such as this could lead to increased risks for developing certain medical conditions such as uterine cancer or heart disease in some cases. For this reason, many physicians prefer to prescribe patients with bio identically derived hormones whenever possible instead of resorting to using generics such as this one for their treatment needs.

If you’re considering HRT therapy with either type of hormone replacement products and would like more information about your options then it’s important to speak with your doctor first before making any final decisions on which type of therapy is right for you. BHRT Pro Center specializes in offering top-notch hormone replacement therapies tailored specifically for each patient's individual needs – including both bio-identically derived drugs and generic versions! Schedule your consult today at BHRT Pro Center to get started on finding relief from menopause symptoms!

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