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Is it normal to bleed during menopause?

Written by Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Specialist: Gabriella Sanchez - February 02, 2023

As many women approach the onset of menopause, one of the common questions asked is whether it is normal to experience bleeding during this stage. The answer is - yes, bleeding during menopause is a completely natural phenomenon.

What causes bleeding during menopause?

The ovaries stop producing hormones such as oestrogen and progesterone when a woman enters menopause – this results in menstrual irregularity. This makes it difficult for the uterine lining to develop sufficiently which can lead to bleeding.

Are there any other symptoms that accompany menopausal bleeding?

Yes, there are several other symptoms that could indicate the onset of menopause and these can include: hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats and sleep disturbances. Withdrawal bleeding can also occur due to a decrease in hormone production and some women may even experience more intense cramps than usual. It should be noted that these symptoms vary from person to person and not everyone will experience all of them.

Is it dangerous?

No, it isn't dangerous but it can be distressing or embarrassing if you're experiencing heavy or frequent bleeding during menopause. If you have any concerns then you should speak to your doctor who will be able to provide further advice on managing your symptoms as well as signposting you towards any additional support services if necessary.

How can I manage my symptoms?

It's important to take care of yourself during this time; getting enough rest and eating a balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables will help your body adjust. Exercise can also help reduce stress levels which can contribute to worsening symptoms; yoga or tai chi are particularly good options for managing stress in a gentle way. In addition, using natural remedies such as herbal teas may also help alleviate some discomfort associated with menopause.

If you're still experiencing disruptive symptoms related to your menopausal transition then hormone replacement therapy (HRT) may be recommended by your doctor - BHRT Pro Center provides specialist advice on HRT treatments tailored to individual needs alongside additional services like counselling where required.


Menopausal bleeding is a natural occurrence that affects many women but understanding what causes it and how best to manage it can make this period much easier. Speak with your doctor if you have any worries so they can advise on suitable treatments options and access specialist help if required - BHRT Pro Center offers expert knowledge on hormone replacement therapies as well as additional services like counselling if needed.

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